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Winter Lie Ins

ImageI’m a Winter baby; born in one of the rainiest months in South Africa. I recall those wintry nights, falling asleep to the sound of gentle rain under thick, warm blankets. I also remember being unable to sleep when strong winds would make trees bow and shadows would dance on my bedroom walls. The branches would brush up against my window, like a secret lover playing Romeo, except the sound wasn’t near as gentle as Romeo’s pebble-throwing and I was in no mood to play Juliet.

Thunder and lightning didn’t scare me but it woke me to a scary sight on many nights. I had a swinging clown doll that hung from my ceiling, and although I didn’t have a fear of clowns before, I sure as hell did after seeing its face light up with each flash of lightning. I have a beautiful porcelain doll that my aunt gave me, but I keep it in my closet because dolls faces, especially at night, are just extremely creepy.

The reason I’ve been thinking of Winter lately is because weather in Jordan is slowly changing. There’s a slight chill in the air and midday heat doesn’t scorch the skin like a leather belt to ones ass, it’s a warm embrace that you wish lasted longer.

Although I wish I could hold on to Autumn, I’m rather enjoying the stay-under-the-covers weather, mainly because I get to stay under the covers and pass the time doing something I love; reading. I love browsing through bookstores and finding the perfect book; the book that says ‘Read me!’ when I page through it and gently run my fingers down the spine. I read all kinds of books and I can’t quite explain what makes me pick up a book without sounding corny because, really, the book speaks to me.

I love getting absorbed in a book, it’s as though time doesn’t exist and each page is part of an adventure. You slowly get to know the characters and, at times, even love them. Nearing the end, as you turn the last few pages, there’s a bitter sadness. A farewell to friends you’ve made in such a short time. Maybe I’m a little crazy to think of it that way, but ever since I was a little girl I grew attached to certain characters and hated when it was time to say goodbye.

So, I’m taking advantage of the cooler weather by staying indoors and reading. The past two days I’ve been engrossed in the book ‘Portrait in Sepia’  by Isabel Allende and I’m purposefully taking my time rather than devouring it because I don’t want it to end. I’ve read a few amazing books these past few months and might post reviews so that you guys can check them out.

I thought of writing this post because it rained a little earlier today, which made me think of winter in Cape Town, but also made me smile as I sipped tea and continued reading.



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