Palestine, my heart bleeds for you.


If someone forced their way into your home, killing most of your family and telling you that the house you’ve been living in is no longer yours, what would you do? Would you defend your family and fight or would you walk away, without anger or sadness, having your home stolen and lived in by strangers?

I’m sure you all can’t fathom what that must be like, and neither can I, but in our minds we tell ourselves that we would defend our homes and our families. It’s instinct and it’s a basic right. Unfortunately, this doesn’t apply to Palestinians. Their birthplace is stolen from them and people want them to graciously accept it.  Apparently, they are not human and don’t deserve the same basic rights as everyone else. They don’t deserve clean water and food, homes, education, jobs and any other right that we take for granted. They deserve to live in squalor, falling prey to diseases that doctors can’t treat because hospitals are blown up. If they don’t deserve food and water then they don’t deserve hospitals or schools either.

The world looks on because Palestinians are not like everyone else. They don’t have rights like everyone else and therefore don’t deserve empathy and compassion when they endure suffering. We show compassion to our fellow brothers and sisters and even animals, but Palestinians are not even worth the same attention and care as a wounded animal.

This is because Palestinians are terrorists. Palestinian men are terrorists who marry Palestinian women who are terrorists who bear terrorist children. Palestinian boys and girls with rocks in their hands are terrorists. If they had books in their hands they would still be terrorists because Palestinians are born terrorists. Therefore, a Palestinian child can be used as a human shield. A Palestinian child can be beaten and shot at. And when they are dead they don’t deserve a burial. Their bodies should rot and lie there as a reminder to all other Palestinians; that they are nothing, that their lives can be taken from them and no action will be taken against those who torture, murder and maim. Silent screams will fall on deaf ears and empty promises will incite non-existent action. Because Palestinians are not people, they’re terrorists.

But there is no such thing as a Palestinian people. They don’t exist. The land was empty so it can’t have been stolen. Palestinians don’t exist therefore overcrowded refugee camps in neighboring countries are just figments of our imagination. Horror stories of death and destruction, massacre upon massacre and the aching sorrow with which the survivors tell their stories are fictional.

Such pain can’t be faked nor can it be masked. It is a painful recollection that relives itself over and over, replaying in the minds of those who endured and who endure still. There are dispersed refugees who can never return to their homeland, inconsolable families in perpetual mourning while the death toll continues to rise. Most of us are blinded; some of us turn away because we do not want to know. It is not worth knowing because those people who are fighting to survive are just Palestinians. When children live in a state of constant fear and confusion, when fathers can’t protect their sons and daughters and mothers cry out in anguish for their dead children, we say and do nothing because the world has made us believe that it is what they deserve.

But Palestinians are just like us in one simple way; they are human. They deserve to be treated the same way we want to be treated. We are the same. We are all flesh and bone, we bleed. We shouldn’t allow their suffering to be disregarded. If we experienced, even on the lowest level, what they live every day, we would want something to be done; to know that there are those who care because we all matter.

My thoughts are frayed and scattered, rendering this post all over the place because I’m writing from a raw place. Raw because the man I love and am married to is Palestinian, knowing that if one day we have children they won’t be able to see the land in which their grandfather was born, the land which my husband longs to see again, but can’t. I wish they could see it as a free and beautiful place, not one ravaged by the heartlessness and immoral acts of an illegal state called Israel.

I believe we should all be more knowledgeable, and that’s the point of this post. Here’s a link that may interest you: http://www.allaboutpalestine.com/massacre.html

Please keep the people of Gaza in your thoughts and prayers because as I write this the Gaza Strip is being bombed.


I decided to attach photos of the Nakba, which is known as the catastrophe of 1948. The photos and the following passage, which briefly explains what the Nakba is, are from hanini.org

“Al-Nakba, the catastrophe of the Palestinian people who were ethnically cleansed from their homes, lands, and villages by the Zionists before and after the creation of the State of Israel on May 15th 1948! More than 750,000 Palestinians were made homeless refugees, forced to live in inhumane conditions and squalid refugee camps that were set up by the UN. These refugee camps were only supposed to serve as a “temporary” solution until the refugees were permitted to go back home according to UN Resolution 194 (The Right of Return), The Geneva Conventions regarding refugees, and other Internationally Recognized Laws! Now after more than 57 years, the Refugees are still living in camps while Israel continues to ignore countless UN Resolutions. “








3 thoughts on “Palestine, my heart bleeds for you.

  1. The struggle of all those in Palestine, since 1917 and especially after 1948 will never go in-vane. The polite of Palestine even till this day, is recognised around the world.

    The only reason, why the state of Israel, gets some recognition around the world, especially in the West, is because, the Zionist ideology for created in USA – which as we know, is the most powerful country in the world. So the real Zionist roots are in USA (ever since 1919, when Zionist movement was ‘created’) and what we see in Palestine is the sister state of the Zionist movement. On that note, you cannot call the state of Israel, a Jewish state, as orthodox teachings of Judaism are in contradiction of Israel.

  2. We are all keeping them in our duas.We love masjiedul Aqsa and the Palestinian people as they are the ones chosen by Allah to endure these tests in this world.They will be generously rewarded by Allah in the year after which is forever in sha Allah.

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