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My 2012 in pictures.

2012 was a crazy year. I really do believe, as Keats wrote, that “…in the very temple of Delight Veil’d Melancholy has her sovran shrine”.

We can’t always be happy and perhaps that’s what makes those joyous moments more memorable; because melancholy is never that far away. There are months in 2012 that I would not re-live for all the riches in the world. And then there are days that I’ll cherish forever, like my wedding day.

Unfortunately there aren’t photos of when I was in Qatar in July, which was great because I got to meet up with friends I hadn’t seen in years. I also found little bookstores around Amman and I’ve made it a point to buy a new book from whatever bookstore I end up in.

This year was filled with many firsts, from cooking to being introduced to Toastmasters to painting to travelling to places I’ve never seen before. It was also a year where I learnt not to be so hard on myself and finally deal with my past.

One saying that I’ve taken to heart this year is that suffering can either make you bitter or better, and I chose the latter.

For anyone reading this, I don’t know whether your 2012 was filled with more bad than good but I wish you all the best for 2013.

Here are a few photos of my 2012.




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