Hello frosty winter.

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It’s cold. The coldest cold I’ve ever experienced so far. I can’t feel my nose so it’s either numb because of this weather or it’s fallen off because of this weather. I used to think winter in Cape Town was unbearable; powerful winds that bend trees in awkward yoga poses and huff and puff until you’re left with no roof, occasional hail storms that may give you a concussion if you’re not careful outside and the relentless weeping of ominous clouds. But winter in Jordan takes the cake.

A few nights ago I thought I had an insect bite on my foot. It itched as though mosquitos had a festival feasting on my blood and to top it off it was swollen. After a few more days I realized it couldn’t be an insect bite so I Googled some of the symptoms. I emailed my mom about it and she told me that it’s called winter toes. Of course that’s the colloquial term but these symptoms result because of the cold weather. I’ve never had that before so I added that to the list of things I dislike about winter. It’s expected to snow this week and that’s something I’m looking forward to, just a teensy tiny bit, because I’ve never seen snow other than in movies.

When I moved to Jordan not too long I romanticized winter. I thought of making snow angels and a snowman with Oreo cookies for eyes. I envisioned myself rosy cheeked, laughing and jumping in the snow and getting into snowball fights. But as I’m typing this my fingers are purple and blue, I’m hunched near a heater and don’t know how many layers of clothing I have on. The other night my husband, Hussam, wanted me to see what the weather was like outside. Instead of looking out of the window, we went and stood on the porch for a few seconds before I ran back into the house, shivering.

I’ve mentioned in a post before that I read a lot during winter. I’m currently reading A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness.Image

I bought it a few weeks ago but only started reading it recently because at the time that I bought it I was busy with another book. I’ve wanted to read a paranormal book for a while now, I used to read them often when I was younger and recently I was in the mood to be transported to a place where other creatures exist. Maybe I like reading in winter because I don’t dwell on the weather too much; I’m too absorbed in the book. Or maybe I like reading in winter because I find the sound of the wind scary, it sounds like someone screaming to me, and reading blocks out the sound. Or maybe I just like reading. Period.

In the next few days I’ll post photos of what it looks like outside. I know right now it’s summer in Cape Town, beautiful weather, beautiful beaches and beautiful scenery, and as much as I love summers in Cape Town I wouldn’t want to forgo this winter experience just because it’s something I haven’t experienced before.

Hope you’re all enjoying whatever weather you’re experiencing wherever in the world you are.


6 thoughts on “Hello frosty winter.

  1. It’s lucky you are not living in Scandinavia then. I quite like snow and winter even though it sometimes can be a bit annoying, having to wear lots of clothes every time you are going anywhere. I think I always end up romanticizing summer when it’s winter and winter when it’s summer. How warm does it get in the summer in Jordan?

    1. I do the same. I like warm weather with a cool breeze though, that’s my favourite.
      It’s not as hot here as it in in places like Qatar. Here the absolute hottest would probably be 40 degrees.

  2. I have a feeling that I have romanticized winters with snow a little too much. Still, I’m not sure it could be worse than blazing hot summers where you want to peel off a layer of skin. The book looks interesting 🙂

    1. Yeah, my husband says that if you’re cold you just keep adding layers, so he prefers winter over summer. But I can’t take the cold, it’s painful :p

      The book is pretty interesting, so far I’d give it a B+

  3. I love winter! 😀 It’s probably my favourite season.

    I’m studying at Stellenbosch and I always look forward to its winters. I was born in Cape Town, but mainly lived on the South Coast of KZN for most of my life. In KZN it is either summer or summer, with an overdose of humidity, and I hate that.

    I only saw snow once when I was in New York and was probably the most fascinating thing I saw in my life. It was like dust falling from the sky. Utterly bizarre!

    As for “Discovery of Witches”, I’ve seen its cover a couple of times in bookstores. I liked the cover, but I never bought it for some reason. I also read the sample and liked it, but still didn’t buy it. I don’t know why and I do want to read it at some point. Will probably read it after I finish my current book. I hope it’s good.

    I hope you survive your winter! 🙂

    1. I don’t like any extremes; too cold, too hot. So I prefer Autumn and Spring 🙂 I can’t stand humidity though, when I travelled to the Philippines I was hit with a wave of heat when I got out of the airport.

      As for the book…I didn’t like how it started and I read a few mixed reviews. But I’m halfway through it and I’m enjoying it so far. I just think the beginning could have been better. I don’t usually read books with vampires since it reminds me of Twilight and I absolutely hate the Twilight series. But there are no sparkling vampires. Thank gosh.
      So far though I’d say it’s worth reading 🙂 We’ll see whether my opinion changes when I’m done with the book.

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