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My first snow.

I mentioned before that I would post photos of my first snow. Prior to living in Jordan I lived in South Africa and Qatar so I’ve never experienced snow before. These are a few photos that I took on the first day/night that it snowed here in Amman.


6 thoughts on “My first snow.

  1. Well that’s a *magical happening* and looking at your *about* page I’m sure you will have appreciated it perhaps more than most others ! You very much enjoyed it I hope 😀

  2. Oh sorry! I’ve only been to Durban twice, otherwise I’ve just been in Joburg, so I tend to believe that Joburg = all of South Africa.

    I really need to get out and travel but it won’t happen until things simmer down at my husband’s job. :-/

    1. Joburg, Durban and Cape Town are all so different though. You really should go to Cape Town, maybe I’m biased by saying that it’s one of the most beautiful places :p So, inshaAllah one day you’ll get to see it.

  3. Oh shame, you missed the snow in Joburg this past winter. It was my first winter here so I couldn’t understand why everyone was freaking out. I’m used to snow.

    1. I’ve never been to Joburg :p But yes I can imagine everyone freaking out a bit since it generally doesn’t snow. Since I experienced snow just this once, I don’t feel the need to experience it again lol.

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