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This is not a Valentine’s Day post.

It really isn’t. Because I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. Sure, I was on that bandwagon when I was younger but it seems to have changed drastically since then. Valentine’s Day used to be spontaneous and writing cheesy cards and giving and receiving flowers was fun. These days Valentine’s Day is a lot of pressure. If you’re in a relationship you have to give your significant other something expensive special plus roses and chocolate and a card from Hallmark.

If you’re not in a relationship you either run around looking for someone to go out with on that day or you round-up all your single friends and go out, making sure it’s somewhere public so that everyone can see you’re not alone on the day of love. I shudder to think of the anxiety some people are going through right now.

When I was a kid, I used to make Valentine’s Day cards and thought long and hard about the perfect poem I’d write inside. I loved getting flowers and little gifts, and everyone got something because you didn’t just give a letter to your crush, you’d give a little something to family and friends too.

When my husband and I were still high school sweethearts, we wrote letters to each other, gave gifts and whatnot on Valentine’s Day. But we do that randomly anyway. And therein lies the spontaneity; we give each other gifts at any time of the year. I like stolen kisses and holding hands even if we’re just sitting down doing nothing. I like secret smiles that say more than words are able to and hugs where my feet aren’t touching the ground. And I like that this happens every day.

Kudos to the men and women who market Valentine’s Day though. If you sell jewelry, flowers and/or chocolate you’re set for life by the amount of money you’ll make on one day.

A few days ago I shared a photo on Facebook that I thought summed up how I felt about February.


Anyone who knows me and anyone that I have on Facebook knows that I’m obsessed with The Walking Dead. I’ve been obsessed since episode 1 of season 1 and I’ve never missed an episode. I thought the photo was perfect and last night’s episode was worth the wait.

Anyway, I’m not saying that I despise Valentine’s Day, I just don’t like how it’s been perverted into something that I don’t like. I decided to share a few photos of past Valentine’s Days and a few cards that I’ve gotten, from friends since the others would be too personal šŸ˜‰

I guess the title of this post is misleading. This is a Valentine’s Day post. Sort of.

Photo of me on V.day a few years ago.Image



A poem one of my besties wrote about me, for me.Ā Image

Whether you’re looking forward to Valentine’s Day or dreading it, I wish you moments, days, and years filled with love and happiness. xx


4 thoughts on “This is not a Valentine’s Day post.

    1. It’s by far my favourite tv show. And season 3 is the best season so far, it just gets better and better.

      & thank you šŸ™‚ my friend wrote it for me in 2007, it’s one of my favourite Valentine’s gifts. I’m very sentimental so I appreciate things like that.

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