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What do you know about your characters?

I’ve been MIA this past week;  from doctors’ appointments to editing essays for my cousins and explaining the difference between discursive, argumentative and descriptive essays, I haven’t had time to blog.

However, I thought I’d share a little something with all of you. I follow a page on Facebook called Writers Write, they post helpful tips and I think every writer will appreciate their posts, from writers comics to, my personal favourite, a photo album filled with nothing but words.

I found the following worksheet useful. I’ve made my own in the past but this has more details to consider when it comes to character development.

Just click on the image to enlarge and save it for later use. Hopefully you’ll discover things about your characters that you never knew before.


Happy writing, everyone!

11 thoughts on “What do you know about your characters?

  1. Just came across this and followed from Pinterest, thanks. This will be a great help in planning out my characters. You know them and even talk to them in your mind but sometimes forget what your mind’s eye sees, this list is good to refer back to so you don’t accidentally change eye color or height. lol. Ever read a book where the main character was described as having long curly red hair and then later in the book they say “her blonde hair was hanging in damp tendrils” lol. I’ve actually gone back through a book to see if I was mistaken! It’s a little distracting and takes away from the story of course.

    1. Pleasure 🙂
      You should check out ‘Writers Write’ they have great stuff, from advice to writers comics and more. It’s good motivation 😉

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