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This past week has been nothing short of stressful. For those of you who follow this blog and saw my last post, you’ll remember the photos of the puppy Hussam and I adopted last Sunday. She’s been really ill and two days ago the vet told us she has Canine Distemper, which is a complicated and serious disease. We’re hoping that she doesn’t have it, that perhaps it’s just an infection, but so far the symptoms are present. I’ve never had a dog before and was surprised by how quickly it is to get attached to them. Her expressive face makes it hard not to cry when you know she’s sad and in pain, I’m sure other dog owners can relate.

Palestina, after being on an IV drip.
Palestina, after being on an IV drip.

I have a few posts lined up for later in the week, none of them photo-posts, since this blog isn’t a photography blog in any way, but I feel like I’ve been writing less and posting more photos which feels strange to the writer within me. Despite not posting any written posts, I have been writing. Editing an old idea into a new story. Wish me luck 😉

For those of you who want to see what goes on in my day-to-day life, follow me on Instagram: lebohemianwriter

Have an awesome Monday and let’s pray Palestina gets well soon ❤


2 thoughts on “Insta-updates

    1. Ameen.
      That is so true though, you start caring for them like they’re your kids so of course when they’re ill it’s difficult going through that.

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