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Once upon a time, when we were children…

Have you ever watched cartoons that you loved as a child just for the sake of feeling like a child again? To be carried on waves of nostalgia through a sea of memories, to feel light and intangible, if only for a while.

I thought of the toys I had as a child, the cartoons I watched, the games I played, the silly things I’d invent; only the good things that filled my childhood because time spent thinking too much of the bad is time wasted.

Who remembers Starla and the Jewel ridersPower RangersPokemon? I can’t recall how many times I pretended to be Kimberly, the pink ranger. I’d climb trees, sneak under tables and have battles with imaginary bad guys; everything was an adventure.

Of course I was the one on the far left; who wouldn’t want pink hair?

As crazy as this sounds, I believed that I’d be a spy one day, a secret agent with cool gadgets just like Kim Possible or the girls from Totally Spies. My motto was: Spies take risks. As corny as that is, it was my motto up until I was 13 years old. When I felt afraid to do something I’d tell myself, “Spies take risks,” and I’d do whatever it was that I was afraid of, realizing afterwards that it was nothing to be afraid of in the first place.

“Call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me”
C’mon, I know y’all know the theme song

Whatever I wanted to be, I was. I wrote because I was a writer. I sang because I was a singer. I acted because I was an actress. I taught because I was a teacher( granted I was teaching my stuffed toys but still) in my mind anything was possible. Hell, I even wanted to be a vampire slayer just like Buffy.

I Googled a list of toys that I had as a child and I can’t explain the feelings that came rushing back. In the pictures they looked so simple compared to the high-tech toys of today. But as I mentioned in a previous post, I’m sentimental. I stared at the images, remembering how much time I spent playing with those toys, wondering where most of them ended up.

There’s something about children that has to be admired; their unwavering belief in anything and everything, and their resilience.  To them, there’s always something to do and there’s always a silver lining. I don’t know what kind of tinted glasses children wear, but wouldn’t it be lovely if we all wore them, at least every once in a while.

I hope to always hold on to those traits, even if they seem foolish. Yeah, it may be a little crazy to fight the air or walk stealthily from the lounge to the bathroom but, so what?

I believe we all have that inner child because we were all children and we can either choose to ignore it or nurture it. Obviously I choose the latter 😉


11 thoughts on “Once upon a time, when we were children…

  1. Gosh, what a wave of nostalgia! Starla and the Jewel Riders, Pokemon, Totally Spies, Captain N the Game Master (totally my fave) and the list goes on! Shukran for the post. I am a firm believer in holding onto your inner child and it’s strange that I see this post today because it’s what I was thinking about last night. I hope to never lose my childlike sense of wonder, no matter how much life tries to make me jaded. Everything is wonderful and life is an adventure, so keep on adventuring (even if its only in your head )

    1. Ameen to that! Here’s to always adventuring 🙂
      A few weeks ago one of my favourite animated movies came on, Anastasia. I was obsessed with that movie as a child, and when I saw it again after so many years it was just…so nostalgic. I even remembered the lyrics to the songs and the scenes and the dialogue!! It was crazy, I didn’t think I’d remember so much because I was so young when I watched it, but it all came flooding back.

      I hope life doesn’t leave you jaded,and even on really bad days I hope you see the silver lining that your inner child sees 🙂

  2. What a lovely post, I’ve been thinking about my childhood a lot recently too so this really struck a chord. I’ve been reading my favourite books (The Jungle Book, The Secret Garden, The Endless Steppe, What Katy Did, etc) just to relive those days. I never thought of Googling my old toys, and when I did I almost cried! My Little Ponies and Popples were toys I used to collect and I could even find the identical ones I used to play with! Amazing. Thanks for sharing xx

    1. I actually want to get my hands on the books I loved as a child to read them again and see how they make me feel. 2 of my favourite books that come to mind is Charm School by Anne Fine and Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine [although the movie is horrible and nothing like the book!]

      I almost cried too when I Googled my snapping dolls, and I saw the one that was exactly like mine! My very first one. Wow.

      You have children though so you get a second chance at another childhood 🙂

  3. I still carry a soft spot for the $6 Million Man action figure I had as a kid. Walking out of the store with it after saving my money and buying it on my own… I can still feel the pride, excitement and thrill of that moment. I can even still remember the scent that came out of the box — cardboard, rubber and the distinctive smell of the fabric of his clothes. Our imaginations are such a huge part of our lives as children, and the toys that sparked and fueled our imaginations will always hold a special place. As adults, we should do whatever we can to remember what that feels like.

    1. I still remember when I got my first Barbie doll :p It’s amazing how much we remember when it comes to that, really shows how significant it is, even if it’s on a subconscious level. I wish I still had those toys though. Do you have any of your old toys? My husband still has some of his cars that we found recently 🙂

      1. That’s so neat your husband found some of his old cars from chidhood. When I turned 30, my mom repaired and re-gave me my favorite stuffed animal from when I was a child. She had saved it and fixed it up, repainted the eyes, sewed the holes in its neck (It was a stuffed turtle my grandmother had given me), and wrapped it in a box. When I opened it, I couldn’t believe it, and all the memories I had with it. The connection we have with our toys as children is a beautiful thing.

      2. That’s such a thoughtful gift! You’re lucky to have that.Now you have something tangible to those memories and a story to tell 🙂

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