And baby makes three

Now that the cat is out of the bag, I want to shout it from the rooftop [or maybe just the window because it’s way too cold to be out on the roof] that I am PREGNANT to anyone who cares, and even those who don’t.

Some women claim to know the very night their kids were conceived. It sounds strange, a little creepy even, but I’m one of those crazy women. I won’t get into that because this is a somewhat PG rated blog 😉 But I will get into some of the other signs. Firstly, I decided to do this blog post because I’m no longer sleeping for most of the day and many of my family and friends have asked a ton of questions and I hope this answers some of them.


About two weeks after my last post, I found out that I was pregnant. I wasn’t really surprised, because:

  1. I couldn’t stop eating cucumbers dipped in salt and pepper. So much so that one night I craved it so badly, I ransacked the house looking for cucumbers because it was too late to go to the store.
  2. My breasts were swollen. They hurt and they couldn’t fit into bras I’d been wearing for years. A little too much information there but hey, I’m being honest here.
  3. My usual shampoo and conditioner were too strong smelling for me. So were my usual body washes and lotions. I couldn’t put anything on my body besides olive oil.
  4. I slept like the dead. I could only stay awake for five hours a day. I took naps all the time and I slept through the night like, dare I say it, a baby.

But the day I knew for sure that I was pregnant was the day I woke up with an onion following me around.

Not literally, of course. I’m still fairly sane even though I’m pregnant.

But I woke up and I could smell onion. I could even taste onion in my mouth. There were no onions around and I hadn’t fried any in a long time. Brushing my teeth and showering didn’t help. The smell was just there for the rest of the day.

I’ve mentioned before that I love the smell of onion being fried in butter, and the smell of garlic in butter. But those were the two smells that I absolutely hated during the first few months of pregnancy.

Every woman is different and, because every woman is different, every pregnancy is different. I thought that I’d be one of those women who puke every hour of every day, because my mom threw up all the time. But I didn’t throw up. Not even once.

Not every pregnancy is as daunting as this cartoon makes it seem. Then again, for some, it really is as daunting as this cartoon.

In fact, the pros outweigh the cons. Besides the fact that there’s a baby doing somersaults in my belly, which is the biggest pro on the pros and cons list, there are other awesome things that come along with pregnancy. Well, my pregnancy at least.

  1. It’s winter here in Jordan and my hair is usually dry in such harsh weather, but my hair has never been this full, or soft.
  2. For the first time ever my nails are really strong.
  3. The pregnancy glow!
  4. I have hips. Hips are awesome and oh-so-womanly.
  5. Pregnancy breasts are the best your breasts are ever going to look. And feel.

Those are some pretty awesome symptoms, but then there are the not- so- awesome symptoms which include:

  1. Back ache. The hormone relaxin loosens your ligaments so pregnancy aches are normal but not fun.
  2. Round ligament pain. Let me just say that women are warriors because I’ve never felt pain like that before. And because you’re a mom you think to yourself, ‘Ok, my bones are breaking right now, my organs are being squeezed and pulled and I think I’m going to pass out, but please, PLEASE, let my baby be OK. I’ll take all the pain, just as long as the baby is OK.’  The pain still isn’t fun though. Far from it.
  3. Crying. I don’t like when people see me cry, not even people I’m close to. But during this pregnancy, I cried at the mall. In the food court. I’ve also cried in the shower while talking and singing to my belly. I’ve cried while listening to certain songs. I’ve cried while looking out of the window and I don’t even know why.


There is so much more I could say about this journey. I could write about how surreal it is to see your kid grow; from looking like a tiny peanut to looking like a full-fledged baby, moving around during the ultrasound. I could talk about how it feels to be kicked in the stomach, from little movements that feel like fish swimming in your belly to actual kicks. Nothing prepares you for the fierce yet vulnerable love you feel. No amount of imagining what pregnancy is like prepares you for what it is actually like. If I had to sum it up, I’d call it a blessing;  an absolute blessing.

Thank you to everyone for the support, the well-wishes, advice and everything in-between. For those who’ve asked so many questions, I hope this post answers most of them, especially the most common: “How does it feel to be pregnant?”

I’ll be posting more regularly from now on and no, not every post is going to be a pregnancy post. The blog is as it always was; a way for me to connect with family and friends who are millions of miles away.


The bump at five months 😉

Have an awesome first weekend of the new year, everyone! 


16 thoughts on “And baby makes three

  1. Wow! Great post….
    Give me advanced info on pregnancy.. tbh taz, tears are on my eyes reading this. I swear. I can’t believe that my classmate, Tasneem emeran, is actually pregnant! So happy for u and hussam. Ur marriage and relationship is my inspiration.. I am not exaggerating… congratulations for the zillion times… ALLAH bless u hussam and the baby, I hope u and the baby are always healthy.

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I miss u :’)

  2. Congrats on the bun in the oven! 😀

    I don’t think I’ll ever have children, since I don’t know how to deal with anything that is more than four years younger than me, but babies are cute, so I wish you all the happiness he/she will give you! 🙂
    My mom kept eating frozen peas when she was pregnant with me.

    Just remember to allow your kid to be who he/she wants to be! And please name your kid something awesome that can be used as a pen-name! Think of his/her future!

    Hehe! 😉 Just kidding. You can do what you want, I’m sure you’ll be an awesome parent!

    1. Thank you thank you 🙂
      Have you spent time with babies/toddlers? Im sure it’s probably the unknown that’s a little daunting :p

      Well at least your mom ate frozen peas and not soap :p Apparently it’s not uncommon for pregnant women to crave and eat soap

      She already has a name 🙂 She picked it herself a few weeks ago [Yeah, kind of a long story.]

      Thanks again!

    1. Thank you! 🙂
      Well I’ve always been as curvy as an ironing board [not curvy at all] so this change is quite nice.
      And shukran 🙂 Allah has made it easy for me thus far.

  3. I love this post! I’ve been through two already but I always enjoy reading about others’ experiences. You sound so happy MashAllah, like I can feel your preggie glow through the interweb. All the best, now please don’t desert us again! 🙂

    1. Thanks Shafeeqa ❤

      I enjoy reading others' preggy experiences too. It's interesting to see how different it is for different women. Funny too. I remember reading about crazy hormones during pregnancy, and the woman spoke about how she looked over at her husband and wanted to kill him. I laughed really hard at that and told Hussam that he's lucky Im not like that :p

      And yes Ill post more often 🙂 I missed the blogging world.

      1. It’s early days yet! I remember wanting to kill Yusuf many times when I was nearing full term, and during labour especially! At least prepare him and you’ll laugh at it afterwards 🙂

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