Hello again, blogging world.

To say that this blog took a backseat is an understatement.

I fully intended not to post here anymore because I’ve been busy with my nutrition course and writing, and life in general. But I couldn’t find the nerve to delete this blog. In fact, the way I feel about this blog is the way that I feel about my journals. Maybe I’m too sentimental but, there was a point in time where blogging was therapeutic for me.

So, I’m back. For how long? Who knows. But this blog still gets so much traffic and I met some awesome people through this blog that I decided to keep it and keep writing.

If you’re new here, heeey. If we’ve ‘met’ before, hey again šŸ™‚

My other blog is:

It’s not personal, it’s mainly about nutrition and health, which is another passion of mine other than writing. Come and say hi over there too šŸ™‚

I’ve noticed that a lot of people that I met in the beginning when I started this blog are not blogging anymore too. If you’ve taken a hiatus and you’re back, let me know what you’ve been up to.



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